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Josh Rooney • 412.337.3480
Judee • 724.745.1839


Tom Rooney

Kenny Chesney with Judee Rooney

Judee Rooney is a health care professional but also doubles as the CFO of TRSEG. But her involvement with the family business goes back to the time her husband Tom was running the Pace Facilities Group. Tom was living out of a suitcase as Pace rapidly expanded. Judee had her own suitcase and passport and often played office manager, human resources expert, etc. Her most critical contribution may have been in the kitchen where she is a world class cook. For many shows, particularly Lollapalooza and other festivals, she was very hands on dealing with the eclectic needs of some of the artists. She has also become famous for her whole grain oatmeal cookies, which Kenny Chesney has became quite fond of and which became a tour dictated mandatory part of the TRSREG associated tour stops.

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